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    Default Re: Hidden gun goes off at Starbucks

    No carry training required in Wyoming?

    About the only reson to go decaf that day.

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    Default Re: Hidden gun goes off at Starbucks

    There is more to the story thats not being told. Handguns of modern day manufacture all have safety devices which prevent discharge unless the trigger is pulled and held to the rear. We did a demo where we had a cocked SW 38 and used a pencil to flick the trigger. The hammer fell but an internal safety blocked the firing pin from striking the primer. Remember because the trigger was not held to the rear for that instant. (And don't even think of trying it unless your on a range !) Gunmakers show in Court with a gunsmith to prove these individuals are FOS. The exception of course is where jr. tampered with the firearm.
    Modern firearms have to be lawyer_ proof so to speak because of all the dopes that say the gun went off by itself.



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