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    Default wheelie bin gatso what band!!

    i'm just wondering which band the wheelie bin gatso is used on!

    is it ku band the same as the mini gatso! or do they use k band like the normal gatso.......


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    The pictures I saw of the unit inside the bin showed a standard Gatso Speed camera adapted to the environment where it belongs ...A Garbage Bin !!!

    AFAIK the Ku Gatso is the mini Gatso that looks like it folds into a briefcase.

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    Default gatso bin

    the reason i ask is because i think they maight start using this type of thing in the uk!!

    even though the uk camera guidelines state that all cameras must be visible! and must have camera warning signs..... what it also says is that they can also do covert enforcement! without signs!!!

    but this is what the police can do covert enforcement has nothing to do with the safety camera people! or so they say!!

    i also read in the guidelines that they can set up a speed trap on any road
    even if there has been no accidents on this road!!
    they can also not display warning signs! but if they return again within i think it was a month or 2 they have to display speed camera signs!!

    so they can target every road at random with traps! and not even warn you!

    i'm not sure if they have to be visible!!!

    i read the guidelines and this is not in them so they have changed them!

    so i dont know if they can still do that random speed trap thing! they have deleted it!!

    so i dont know if they have done this to stop people knowing about random traps!

    they keep changing the guidelines!! so you dont know!!!



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