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    Post Nearly Everyone Speeds on Dallas County Freeways

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    Default Re: Nearly Everyone Speeds on Dallas County Freeways

    What this should be telling them, and would be if they were doing proper engineering studies, is that the speed limits on most of these roads are set too damned low. The Freeways in the DFW area are almost all set at 60MPH, and the traffic is typically moving at least 70MPH, including the cops.

    IMHO, the 60MPH speed limits are set for political reasons, including revenue generation and "safety" nannyism, not reality. The biggest problems come with the drivers who act as rolling road blocks, stacking traffic behind them.

    Sadly, in setting speed limits that most drivers will not obey, they actually make the roads less safe for everyone.

    Texas is figuring this out on its open freeways (much to the chagrin of the holier-than-thou slow drivers.) They next need to focus that same reality-based speed limit setting on the urban freeways & expressways.



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