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Permanent speed cameras planned for school zones. 26/02/2006. ABC News Online

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Last Update: Sunday, February 26, 2006. 3:17pm (AEDT)
Permanent speed cameras planned for school zones

Plans are under way to install fixed speed cameras outside at least six Western Australian schools.

The Police Minister John D'Orazio says since the school year began a few weeks ago, 1,500 motorists have been caught speeding in school zones.

The Minister is hoping the money raised by the cameras can be used to improve security and safety around schools.

Mr D'Orazio is planning to take the proposal to cabinet within weeks and wants the cameras installed and operating in time for the next school year.

"This is in addition to the current system whereby we have cameras moving into various locations," he said.

"But in the worst locations, this is a clear message to motorists there are speed cameras here, if you don't abide by the speed limit you will be caught."
Revenue raising

But the State Opposition will not be supporting the plans.

The Opposition's road safety spokesman John McGrath believes it is just revenue raising and there are better ways to solve the problem.

Mr McGrath says many people caught speeding believe there is insufficient warning that they are approaching a school zone where the reduced speed limits apply.

"The Minister says if they put in the speed cameras in the first 12 months the Government will raise $17 million in revenue, and he wants to use that to put in place better safety standards outside schools," he said.

"Well we say that the safety standards should be put in first."