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    Post Cops busted in own speed trap

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    a lot of people don't know but many police are ardent speeders in their off hours and need detectors as much as we do.

    showing their badge only get them off so many times and in many other areas they don't police not at all !

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    Caught Speeding 50 times in one year. If I got that many speeding tickets in one year, I'd never be able to drive again. Take his licenses from him forever. The police are supposed to uphold the law, not break it...Too many cops think that they are above the law!

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    Amen. Cops think just because there police that the laws dont apply wrong. They do and if u get enough proff and make a big issuse about it. They will be punished. Also u can make a complain to the department and let them know as for an investigation of the officer wrong doing. Show the prof. Then also if they dont doget anything or it continues go the the state patrol in ur state make a written complain. If nothing else happen go to the legislators in your state to get something done about it. They if all else fails take it to the press and make national news about it. Then get enough vote to get the city council to eighter get rid of the mayor and or council member if u do all that someone will get something done about it. They cant lie when the facts are right there.
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