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    Post PA - Could Regional Police Departments Take Over for State Police?

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    Default Re: PA - Could Regional Police Departments Take Over for State Police?

    Interesting article but it has a lot of info in it that really doesn't apply to Pennsylvania, although it may work in other states. For example speed cameras are not approved for Pennsylvania and I do not see them getting approved anytime in the near future. The state is having a hard enough time deciding how to pass a statewide red light camera bill...speed cameras are far, far away.

    Regional police departments are good but I can't see PSP giving up all of their control over a certain area. There are a variety of things that only PSP can do and no other police officer/department, regardless how well trained or the size of their jurisdiction, would even be permitted to attempt doing. Plus it's basically impossible to do speed enforcement on 55 and 65mph highways using VASCAR or ENRADD, and I don't think that any county (or PSP for that matter) would let major highways go without speed enforcement.

    County police departments are few and far between in Pennsylvania and usually have limited duties, kind of like Sheriffs Offices in Pennsylvania. I don't know all of the laws and regulations regarding county police departments but I do believe that Allegheny County is really the only county in the state that has a major police department with full policing powers. As far as regional police departments go, I could see them alleviating the need for PSP in different areas, but not cutting off the need for PSP entirely.



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