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    Default California cops open fire on men - women - children - babies - CALIFORNIA COPS OPEN FIRE ON MEN - WOMEN - CHILDREN - BABIES

    I have watched this video several times. I

    am not sure what the K9 cop was thinking. He clearly lost control of his dog.

    He should know better then to release his dog in that situation.

    Time to go back to patrol for his dumb a$$.
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    Default Re: California cops open fire on men - women - children - babies

    That is one of the most shocking video's I've seen in a LONG time!!! My heart goes out to those families. That whole situation was messed up, I think that was worse than the occupy NY, Oakland, etc.

    We probably aren't getting the whole picture why the officers felt they needed to use their guns, but welcome to California where the police shoot first ask questions later.

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    Default Re: California cops open fire on men - women - children - babies

    Like Ice-t said. "Right to bear arms isn't to hunt. Its to protect yourself from the police." Situations like this makes one tend to agree. You use your 1st Amendment right to protest, the man doesn't like it. He tramples your rights and there is nothing you can do about it, sit there and take it

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    Default Re: California cops open fire on men - women - children - babies

    The news media forgot to mention the peeps were throwing rocks and bottles at the po-leece prior to what was on the video. I know the media wouldn't lie though, would they ?



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