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    Default Another cash grab!

    NC troopers cracking down for school bus safety
    October 15, 2012 13:29 GMT
    RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) -- The North Carolina Highway Patrol is planning a crackdown on dangerous driving around school buses and in school zones.
    Troopers say Operation Stop Arm will start at 6 a.m. Monday and go through the end of school Friday.
    Some troopers will follow school buses, while others will be watching school zones. The Highway Patrol says it will use both marked and unmarked cars.
    Passing a stopped school bus can be a five-point violation and a fine of up to $200.
    Troopers say some buses now have outside cameras and that video can be used to find and prosecute drivers.

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    Default Re: Another cash grab!

    This is not another cash grab but a safety thing for those kids who ride buses. Being a school bus driver, I have to think of the safety of the kids I transport and having a car blow by a stopped bus with its red lights flashing is IMO a dangerous thing for the kids.

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    Default Re: Another cash grab!

    Cash Grab???

    WTF, ASS holes that drive like dickheads deserve to have 6 points and no license for @ least a year for doing anything that involves a school bus.

    I am guessing you do not have any kids or you would realize how ignorant you title is.

    I could not agree more with this fathers view... (listed below)

    Bakersfield father issues extreme warning to speeding drivers |

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    Default Re: Another cash grab!

    Guy w/ the sign IS breaking law(s). Since when is it OK to threaten people with DPF ? Who made HIM the Police, judge , jury, etc.?



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