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    Default Tennessee: Happy Judge Cancels House Speaker Speeding Ticket

    Tennessee: Happy Judge Cancels House Speaker Speeding Ticket
    A happy Nashville, Tennessee judge lets the state House Speaker off the hook for an 86 MPH speeding ticket.

    Speaker Jimmy NaifehCiting good news as justification, a judge in Nashville, Tennessee canceled 72 tickets on February 16 -- including one for the Speaker of the state House of Representatives. Representative Jimmy Naifeh (D) had been caught driving 86 MPH in a 70 MPH zone on Interstate 40 outside of Bellevue on December 28. He says he was ready to go through the process "just like everybody else" when General Sessions Court Judge Casey E. Moreland decided to do things differently. Naifeh had passed Moreland in the hallway just prior to entering the courtroom.

    Moreland then declared "Christmas in February" and retired all traffic tickets brought before him on the 12:30pm docket that day, including Naifeh's. Moreland explained that he had just learned he was unopposed in his bid for re-election to the court. Moreland, a lifelong Democrat, was first elected to the bench in 1995.

    Tickets that are "retired" may be revived if the motorist receives a traffic citation within one year.

    Source: Judge throws out 72 traffic tickets (The Tennessean, 2/28/2006)
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    Yup im not suprised he got off the hook. Important government officials will always get off the hook such as speeding and etc. If your lucky enough to be associated with them, they can help you out and your ticket can be dismissed. But other than that, they are always off the hook no matter what. They are the top dogs in the game and the governmet is higher than the city govt.

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    The other 71 people are lucky they had court at the same time as that guy.



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