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    Default Article: Speed Cameras Lead to Points Surge (UK)

    Speed cameras lead to points surge

    Speed cameras have led to a surge of penalty points on drivers' licences, a new poll has revealed.

    About 16% of motorists now have penalty points, with 3% being one offence away from a driving ban, the survey from motor insurance company Direct Line showed.

    In the past 12 months, motorists have paid out more than 121 million in speeding fines and 92% of motoring convictions over the last two years were for speeding.

    Based on responses from 2,430 UK adults, the survey also showed that 61% think speed cameras are mere revenue raisers and 11% think cameras are there to pay for local authority workers' bonuses

    Also, more than three quarters claim that fines have no effect on the speed they drive.

    Direct Line's motor spokeswoman Emma Holyer said: "Despite the growing number of speed cameras in the UK and the increase in motorists receiving penalty points, our research shows that drivers are still speeding.

    "Although the Government is currently reviewing speed cameras as part of the Road Safety Bill, drivers need to take notice of the speed limits - and cameras - regardless of whether they agree with them or not as they could lose their licence if they choose to ignore them.

    "Speed cameras exist because speeding is one of the biggest dangers on UK roads, with one in three road deaths attributed to it, so motorists do need to keep their speed down and be aware of the limits."

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    Mar 9 2006

    Huge rise in speeding fines

    By Bill Caven

    NEARLY a million British motorists are on the brink of losing their licences.

    The rise in the number of speed cameras has led to a massive surge in the number of drivers with nine penalty points.

    But many motorists have become cynical about the increase in cameras and their subsequent fines.

    Six in 10 believe they are revenue raisers, while 11 per cent think that they are there to pay for bonuses to local authority workers.

    More than one in seven drivers with nine points on their licence stand to lose their jobs if they are hit with a ban.

    Convictions have increased dramatically in the last five years amid a huge crackdown on speeders.

    The number of drivers with three points on their licence has also increased by seven per cent in the last two years.

    Despite speed cameras only being launched 13 years ago, 92 per cent of motoring convictions in the last 24 months were for speeding.

    In the past year, motorists have paid out more than 121million in fines.

    Overall, 4.8million drivers now have penalty points on their licence.

    But despite the increased risk of being caught motorists are still ignoring the threat.

    Over half claim that speed limits, cameras and fines have no impact on their speedometer.

    In addition to knowingly flouting the law, many motorists have no idea what the speed limits actually are.

    Research by Direct Line revealed that only half of all UK motorists are unable to correctly identify the limit on a dual carriageway.

    Spokeswoman Emma Holyer said: "Despite the growing number of speed cameras in the UK, our research shows that drivers are still speeding."
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