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    Default Pennsylvania: Operation Sneak Peek

    Be aware that Pennsylvania is currently running Operation Sneak Peek and I believe it is funded until the end of August 2014.

    State Police Conduct "Operation Sneak PeeK" - - Powered by JET 24 and FOX 66 Erie PA

    Basically, this is an electronic countermeasures approach. They have set up speed display signs (mostly K-band but some Ka) on the Interstates. You will go past one and it will display your speed. The posted speed is next to the electronic display.

    If you don't heed the first warning, there is a second speed sign posted farther down the road. That second sign may or may not have a state trooper posted beyond it using K-band radar (the only allowable radar in PA) to tag the speeder.

    It appears that the Pennsylvania State Police have become very sneaky. They're using that second speed display sign as a cover for their own radar use.

    This wouldn't be the first time they've done this. They are known to tuck themselves in alongside the speed display signs posted at the entrance to road crew work areas and nail anyone over speed. (Doubled fines in work areas in PA.)

    Obviously, most radar detectors will alert constantly on the first and second speed signs but can't display any form of multiple transmitter warnings. Most people won't be able to tell that there are two radar units in use ahead (state police + speed sign) rather than just one (speed sign only).

    So far I've only seen K-band speed signs in use in this operation, matching the radar type the actual police are using. This eliminates the possibility of mixed mode alerts (K + Ka) on capable detectors.

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    Default Re: Pennsylvania: Operation Sneak Peek

    But you aren't supposed to speed in a work zone.
    It is only common sense not to do it!
    Take a trip with two cars, one traveling at 67 mph and one at 71 mph and drive 20 miles and see how far ahead the faster car is in front of the slower one.
    Most times the faster car will come upon something along the road that will slow it down, while the slower car can maintain a faster speed.
    If you get there 3 minutes faster in the faster car, you are probably a liar.

    The problem with PA State Police is that they are broke, so they will pull you over for something / anything, if they suspect that you are speeding.
    The state police are the only one authorized to run radar in the state, so if your radar detector emits a signal, they can turn you into the FCC and you can be fined for operating a radar device without a license.

    Of course, at one time, you could get a radio telephone license with radar endorsements.

    Most State cops won't run radar for one reason, because they do not include protective clothing to protect the user.
    Lot's of 1970's highway patrolmen that thought that they were getting ahead, by writing a bunch of tickets, ended up getting prostrate cancer.
    To hide the radar signal, they would put the radar gun between their legs while sitting in the patrol car.
    That had to be one of the stupidest things I had ever heard of!
    Which is the reason why they quit using radar in my troop about 15 years ago..

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    Default Re: Pennsylvania: Operation Sneak Peek

    This is when those other radar detectors just beep.

    Valentine One...Not and issue when it can tell you exactly what you need to

    Pa Troopers have been doing this for years. btw
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