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RTA trials point-to-point speed cameras
Speed camera.

What are point-to-point speed cameras?
Point-to-point speed cameras consist of two separate cameras located some distance apart.

The cameras can determine if a vehicle has travelled faster than the minimum legal travel time for a specific section of road by reading and matching vehicle number plates at each camera site.

Why is there a trial of point-to-point speed cameras?
Speeding accounts for around 40 per cent of all road fatalities each year.

Point-to-point speed cameras have the potential to significantly reduce the number of road crashes and fatalities by enforcing the minimum travel time that vehicles can travel over a specific distance.

Will point-to-point speed cameras be used to issue speeding infringements?
No infringements will be issued for offences detected by point-to-point cameras during the trial period.

However, existing speed cameras at these locations will continue to issue infringements for vehicles that exceed the legal speed limit.

How long will the point-to-point cameras be trialled for?
The point-to-point speed cameras will trialled for a period of up to 12 months from June 2004. If the trial is successful, similar point-to-point speed cameras may be introduced on other major routes.
Point to point camera trial

Where will the point-to-point speed cameras be trialled?
Point-to-point speed cameras will be trialled at three locations:

Pacific Highway between Clothiers Creek to Chinderah (10 km northbound only).
* Pacific Highway between Harwood and New Italy (35 km north and southbound).
M4 Motorway near Wentworthville (4.2 km eastbound only).