Last modified: March 09. 2006 11:04PM

Camera speed traps coming in 2007

By Matthew Taylor

Government could require larger number plates for bikes to ensure new speed cameras catch those breaking the law.
Labour, Home Affairs and Public Safety Minister Randy Horton said an overseas speed camera expert would arrive shortly to look at the problem and speed cameras will become widespread in the 2007/08 budget year.
Mr. Horton told the House: �It is much more difficult to record the number on licence plates on cycles than cars. It may lead even to larger number plates on motor cycles.
�Experts will set up marked speed camera traps to determine the quality of photo equipment especially in identifying numbers on motor bikes.�
In the last budget $100,000 was put aside to getting the speed camera programme moving said Mr. Horton who went to Washington DC with Chief Inspector Anthony Mouchette to look at a variety of options.
A further $500,000 had been approved in next year�s budget for the programme, said Mr. Horton.
Earlier he had warned the public to slow down after lamenting the latest road death.