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    Red face Security guard pepper sprays 2 year old.

    Word on the street....Ferguson Mo, wants him on their team.

    Security Guard Pepper Sprays 2 Year Old Child And Pulls Gun On Unarmed Dad | Sure News
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    Default Re: Security guard pepper sprays 2 year old.

    When is enough going to be enough. Was recently assaulted myself by Wilkes Barre security guard when asking for her superiors contact information to press charges for her laying her hands on me which she had no right to do. All i was doing was inquiring why it was that I drove 1.5hrs to watch a motocross event and was being shut out of the building by the old hag. Needless to say she called her fellow thugs on me. Though before doing that she got brave. Grabs me by the arm and throws me off the sidewalk of the building. At this point i held my ground camera in hand. I wasn't about to leave until i now had her name and why she felt the desire to lay her hands on me when i hadn't posed a threat I merely was asking for information pertaining to her boss and if I could speak with him about this incident because everyone has a boss as I informed her and I don't agree that what your doing is fair, and proper here. I am an AMA rider/member and have been for over 8yrs. For her to shove me out of an event as a spectator speaks volumes of how they treat people at Wilkes Barre arenacross. I did pull out my camera and caught all of this on video on my samsung SIII unfortunately for her and them. I attempted to press charges on her for her acts with the local Wilkes Barre police as she had no right to physically touch me. I was not attempting to enter the building in any facet nor was i even right in proximity to the door threatening to do so. Later on they took more offense to my filming realizing i must have quite the memory card in my phone. Working in an electronics store ofcourse you fools I have a big microSD card. Just for nagging morons like them. So I kept recording which i still have . Then she sent a thug out to confront me which i did not waiver i kept my camera rolling! For my protection as much as anything at this point! The guy I could tell was highly upset by my filiming. Well if you don't do illegal things, or something wrong why would you be so concerned about my camera? I was then walked down which i knew was a planned move preplanned. To a separate part of the building. They opened a door to a supply room for the complex. I was offered entry to that room which i stepped in. Still filming ofcourse. A old man informed me that he would speak to me if i shut off my camera. At this point I am surrounded by 6 security guards on camera that no offense do not seem very hospitable whatsoever. Infact for all i knew they planned to close the door and do serious bodily harm. So i kept filming. I was then ordered to shut my camera off or they claimed they wouldn't hear me out. I refused. Stating I feared for my own safety especially after what had already happened with the previous guard. They then all shoved me out of the room. Declined to take any seeable action on the guard etc. Give me any names or numbers pertaining to whom she is to identify her. So I then was left with no other choice but to drive down to the Wilkes Barre township police station. Which is the jurisdiction in which it occured in. There stations there are so hard to get to and find. Even with two GPS's and a friend helping with map instructions over the phone it took me three hours in the bitterness of winter to find their station to even try to file a report, and press charges for the shove/grabbing of my arm. Upon attempting to press charges I was informed that the law's don't apply in my situation because assault and battery is only when someone hurts you bad enough they knock your teeth out is verbatim of what i was told. I then thought, that's funny how come in prison then if an inmate lays his hands on a guard it's automatically assault and battery. Assault is threatening someone which she did without justification. Battery is the act of laying your hands on me which she rightfully did without consent. And then to shove me away on top of it. Is surely assault and battery. Though this officer i found out through talking to him SGT. to be exact from this dept stated later on in our chat that he actually used to work security detail up there at the arena. With this in mind he wasn't about to go after her at all. It was professional courtesy being given. I was highly upset that not only did the officer deny me my god given rights to press charges as if I was a child and didn't know my rights. Which I was well aware of that's why I was there in the first place. In fact that's why the security guard looked utterly concerned after i told her that was assault mam. That was assault. What right do you have to touch me or lay a hand on me? All i was doing was recording the incident at that point forward because i knew she'd lay her hands on me if i persisted for the information i was rightfully owed. Which i was right it's on camera. I even informed the officer of this. He didn't even ask to see that tape. That's how uninterested he really was in really trying to go after her. Really nice corrupt Wilkes Barre township police officer. Welcome to PA i guess huh? Where the laws only apply to us citizens and the laws never apply to the security guards or officers of the law. Do plan to post the video of this interaction on youtube btw. Which I informed the dumb guard of such. So either way I will get my justice.

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