Speed cameras will likely soon start popping up around Oregon’s largest city.

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown signed into law a bill that authorizes the city of Portland to operate fixed photo radar on “high-crash urban corridors.” The city already uses red-light cameras.

A total of 11 cities throughout the state employ photo radar to enforce speed limits. Existing law limits operation of the radar systems to four hours in one location. Police must also be present while the system is in operation.

Previously HB2621, the new law exempts Portland from current restrictions. Instead, the city’s program can run 24 hours a day and does not require police presence.

Advocates say that speeding and aggressive driving are the top contributing factors to serious crashes across the region. They say the automated enforcement tool will prevent up to 80 injury crashes and two deaths annually.

The city anticipates installing 10 to 20 fixed photo radar cameras, according to a fiscal impact attached to the bill. The first cameras are expected to be posted in January 2016. Additional cameras will go up over the next two years.

The revenue from citations is estimated to be $22.6 million in the first biennium and grow to $47.4 million within five years. Ticket revenues can only be used on operation and maintenance of the system. Additional revenue must be spent on traffic safety.

The program created with the new law has a sunset date on Jan. 1, 2024.