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    Default Two New Police Lasers from Kustom Signals

    KS has released two new diminutive (less than 1b!) police laser guns that are binocular-styled which can be worn around the neck.

    They are called the Pro Lite and Pro-Lite+ and will supplement the Pro III.

    According to KS site:

    The Pro-Lite is a single-shot version that includes a heads-up-display for quick and easy targeting and viewing of speed information for range applications up to 1,500 ft. The Pro-Lite has a full menu of functions and features easily accessible by the operator.

    The Pro-Lite + equals the targeting speed of the Pro-Lite, and uses the same HUD technology with speed or range for easy viewing by the operator. The Pro-Lite + is available for departments who want the addition of full speed tracking history and longer shooting range for multi-lane traffic situations, while still maintaining a simple, easy 4-button format.

    These binocular style, handheld devices offer easy "point-and-shoot" operation that is ideal for motor officers and even foot patrol officers. Weighing less than 1 lb., these units allow for hours of operation without physical stress and since both eyes can be kept open, eye strain is virtually eliminated. Both versions include a neck strap/lanyard, as with binoculars, they can be easily carried or worn around the neck. Additionally, these units operate on two standard AA batteries and can be used in the field for over 30 hours before the batteries need to be replaced.

    The environmental mode minimizes the range-limiting effects of poor weather conditions as well as eliminating problems with shooting through obstructions such as fences and trees. Additionally, the selectable direction mode prevents displays of unselected traffic direction. This mode prevents the operator from inadvertently obtaining a speed from an opposite direction vehicle. It also has the capability of setting minimum and maximum target ranges—great for areas such as school and construction zones where you need a beginning and end mark to target vehicles inside a specific area.


    As of 2/16/06, the IACP has already approved both of these units for use.

    My understanding is that their performance should be similar to that of the Pro III meaning that countermeasures should perform similarly.

    Only time will tell.

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    Default Re: Two New Police Lasers from Kustom Signals

    Quote Originally Posted by The Veil Guy
    My understanding is that their performance should be similar to that of the Pro III meaning that countermeasures should perform similarly.
    Yesh I guess it is supposed to be the same pulse rate as well, at least that's what Kustom told someone in this thread:




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