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    Default Speeding ticket for parked car

    Speeding ticket for parked car
    A stunned car owner received a speeding ticket from police claiming he had broken the law in Bekkestua - while his car was parked in deep snow far away.

    The Hønefoss man received a fine for NOK 1,600 (USD 240) for exceeding the speed limit in Bekkestua, Bærum, even though his car was snowed in near home some 20 kilometers (12.5 miles) northwest at the time, newspaper Ringerikes Blad reports.

    "I didn't drive my car that day and hadn't lent it out either. It has been sitting snowed and iced in at home here in Hønefoss since February 16th," the man told the newspaper.

    The innocent motorist got Hønefoss police to photograph the snow-buried car and send the evidence to colleagues in Bærum, and the case was dropped at once.

    "In this case we followed up a license plate number from the Public Roads Administration which we assumed was correct. We see in retrospect that there is some doubt around one of the digits of the number and have chosen to give the person the benefit of the doubt. The fine has been dropped," said police captain Stig Wettre-Johnsen of the Asker and Bærum police.
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    Lucky for him he did not shovel out his car. Geesh.

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    Cop must have been 1 shy of his quota....




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