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    Default Not Shocking - Speeding-ticket case against police dropped

    Speeding-ticket case against policeman dropped

    Mar 16 2006

    By The Journal

    A policeman accused of a speeding-ticket fraud has had the case against him dropped.

    Jeffrey Sidhu was due to stand trial at Newcastle Crown Court on Monday accused of conspiracy to pervert the course of justice between July 13, 2003, and October 13, 2004. But he was cleared of the charge yesterday in his absence after the prosecution conceded there was no realistic prospect of conviction.

    The Gateshead officer, who has been suspended from duty, had denied the charge. Christopher Knox, prosecuting, said: "Some issues have been brought to the attention of the prosecuting authorities.

    "The position is this case has been looked at very hard and there are issues that have left the Crown in a position to question the credibility of a witness. It is considered this case ought not to proceed. In these circumstances we offer no evidence."

    Ordering a not-guilty verdict be recorded, Judge John Milford said: "I have no doubt the Crown have looked at the matter very closely. Certainly I am not going to question the decision." A Northumbria Police spokes-woman said: "The CPS has advised that due to a change in circumstances, the criminal case against PC Sidhu has discontinued and we have accepted that advice."
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