More Red Light Cams Possible

March 21, 2006 - Statistics show the red light traffic cameras now operating in Northeast Philadelphia are having the desired effect, and those cameras may soon be popping up in two other city neighborhoods.
The cameras loom over what were three of Philadelphia's most dangerous intersections.

Now if council and the mayor agree the tall robot cameras will be installed at two additional intersections: 34th and Grays Ferry and Broad and Oregon, where locals say they are sorely needed.

The Parking Authority says red light cameras can have a major impact. At Grant and the Boulevard last summer when the cameras were new, they snapped almost 4,400 violators in a 4 week period. Five months later, the number dropped to just 525.

Those who live near the cameras praise them. The number of angle or T-bone accidents have dropped where the cameras are installed.

But there is an odd side effect: an upswing in rear-end collisions, as drivers stop short. The Parking Authority says the number of rear-end accidents should drop as more drivers pay attention.