Midwest AAA Members Oppose Tolls, Speed Cameras
AAA Midwest membership survey finds a majority oppose speed cameras and highway tolls.

AAA logoA strong majority of Midwesterners polled by the American Automobile Association (AAA) expressed strong opposition to both speed cameras and charging tolls for the use of roads. AAA surveyed 3000 members in Illinois, Indiana, Kansas and Missouri.

Sixty-one percent said they opposed municipalities issuing speeding tickets with photo radar devices. Opinions were more evenly split with red light cameras at 54-46. AAA, an insurance company, profits from raising rates on photo tickets that carry points in Arizona, California and Illinois.

Seventy-nine percent opposed using tolls to reduce congestion and three-fourths opposed the concept of adding toll booths and E-ZPass lanes to existing roads. A similar 72 percent majority opposed using taxpayer money to construct new toll roads.

A majority of respondents said state governments should focus building new lanes and roads and resurfacing existing ones.

Source: Poll finds how motorists feel on current issues (AAA Midwest Traveler, 3/20/2006)