Hendersonville Police Test Red Light Cameras
Posted: 3/22/2006 10:12:00 PM
Updated: 3/22/2006 11:26:56 PM

Hendersonville Police Test Red Light Cameras

Running a red light could soon get a lot riskier in Sumner County. Hendersonville Police tested special cameras that would catch people running red lights at busy intersections.

For two days last week, a camera was monitored drivers running red light. The exercise was just a test run.

“It appears to be a good thing, dropping down accident rates and violations,” said B.J. Riley with Hendersonville police.

Hendersonville police are considering installing cameras at busy intersections.

“It'll be like a police officer's there 24 hours a day,” Riley said.

Drivers who run red lights would be sent a citation.

That's how Peggy Johnson's daughter was caught in Germany.

“They told her she was speeding, and she said: ‘No, not me,’ and then showed her the picture of her car, and it was her,” Johnson said.

Johnson said she hopes red-light cameras get the green light.

“I'm glad to see it happen,” Johnson said.

Drivers like Sandi Murray said streets may be safer if red light runners know they're caught on camera.

“I also have two teenagers driving around, and I worry about them. I think it's good for everyone. Don't break the law, don't get caught,” Murray said.

Police were still in the process of deciding whether the cameras are worth it. They point out these cameras could spot a criminal's getaway car and show traffic conditions live.

The real point, however, is to make the streets and citizens safer.

The city of Gallatin already approved a plan to install cameras at intersections there. The equipment could be up as soon as next month.