Catching Speeders in Alamo Heights
LAST UPDATE: 3/27/2006 10:04:21 PM
Posted By: Lauren Jenkins
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It’s a yellow light for a proposed plan to put red light cameras at some of the busiest intersections along Broadway.

Monday night, the Alamo Heights City Council decided to put a temporary device at the intersection of Castano Avenue and Broadway, to figure out the extent of a “red light running” problem really exists.

The intersection is right down the street from Alamo Heights High School. People who live nearby want something to be done about the number of wrecks, and are worried about the safety of people who live along the busy street.

“There are quite a few accidents at this intersection,” says George Pierce. “We think it will slow down some of the kids.”

Pierce worries about his grandchildren and pets. He wants the red light camera to be put up. He’s hoping the temporary device proves the need and brings a permanent camera, that much sooner.

“The software would determine the number of people that pass through the intersection in a 24 hour period,” Alamo Heights Police Chief Giles Fortson tells News 4 WOAI, “and also the number of people that ran the light.”

If a lot of drivers do run the light, the cameras could be the next step in trying to better control traffic. Another option would be better timing the lights.

“A lot of people see the yellow and go,” says Alamo Heights Mayor Louis Cooper. “If we could delay the lights somehow or another, we’re looking into that.”

The mayor, police chief and city council all say safety is the number one priority, not making money off of speeding tickets.

A decision on the temporary device is expected to go to the council for a vote in the next two weeks.