Camera at Chester and Euclid for red lights for now
Monday, April 03, 2006

Out and about,

what about?

Qraffic cam eras . . . One of those new flashing cameras has been installed at Chester and Euclid. For southbound traffic, the street changes from Chester to Stearns at that point. The speed limit on Chester is 35 mph; on Stearns it is 25 mph. What is the speed limit for the flashing camera, or does speed not matter for that camera, that is, it is just watching for light crashers? - TB

At's only a red- light camera now, said city spokeswoman Mau reen Harper.

Qast Ninth Street . . . What is going on with East Ninth Street, and when will they finish it up? - Lou the Law yer, Cleveland

Ahe Northeast Ohio Sewer District is relining the sewers there, and the worst of the work - the part occurring during daylight hours - should be done by the end of the week, Harper said. Night work should continue for two weeks after that, said the voice of Cleveland, but should not interfere with traffic. So litigate in comfort, or at least savor the knowledge that you'll be able to drive to court with greater ease.

Qrossing the tracks . . . When you have a green light and turn left across the rapid tracks, can you proceed through the intersection when the coast is clear? At Farnsleigh and Van Aken in Shaker Heights, people driving on Van Aken and turning left across Farnsleigh will turn when the way is clear and not pay attention to the red light facing Farnsleigh. At Van Aken and Lee, a person turning left across Lee will stop at the red light (that is for the Lee Road traffic). Every place seems to be handled differently. What is one to do? - SH, Shaker Heights.

Ahis answer comes from Regional Transit Authority Safety Director Pamela McCombe: Shaker Heights and RTA officials are upgrading the traffic-signal system to make it clearer to motorists who are crossing RTA tracks. Motorists should always stop at red lights. McCombe urged extra caution around a rail system. Please slow down and look both ways before crossing any tracks. Never try to beat an RTA train. Before crossing the tracks, make certain that no trains are in the area.

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