April 4, 2006
Police launch radar blitz

Motorists who use Knight Street better ease up on the gas and watch those red lights.

The Vancouver Police Department is cracking down on that road's aggressive and speedy drivers.

"Our focus is on the ones that contribute to accidents and fatalities," said Insp. Andy Hobbs. "Knight Street has the highest number of collisions in the city. It's a problem for us."

Hobbs said that in 2004, the last year stats were compiled by ICBC, the Knight Street corridor had 1,290 accidents and had four of the city's 10 worst intersections.

Motorists can expect to see increased enforcement when they least expect it for at least the next few months.

"We're going to have more traffic checks set-up, more mobile units and a much greater presence," said Hobbs. "We can change people's behaviour, that's the big goal."