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    Default Motorcyclist caught w/ paceing method going 125 mph on I-5

    Marion County

    Motorcyclist allegedly going faster than 125 mph on I-5 is arrested

    April 5, 2006

    A state trooper arrested a motorcyclist on charges of speeding Tuesday morning after the officer spotted a motorcycle traveling faster than 125 mph on Interstate 5 north of Salem, the Oregon State Police said.

    Trooper Sean Swisher stopped Jake B. Barnes, 27, of Aurora after Barnes passed him while going south on I-5 near Woodburn, state police spokesman Lt. Gregg Hastings said.

    Barnes was riding a 2003 Suzuki SV1000 motorcycle, and Swisher was able to pace it in his unmarked Chevrolet Camaro, part of the state police Aggressive Driving Enforcement Plan.

    While trailing the motorcycle, Swisher observed Barnes using all three lanes to pass other traffic, in addition to going between vehicles in traffic, Hastings said.

    Barnes was taken to Marion County jail, booked, cited and released with a promise to appear at an upcoming court date.

    It was the third ticket written by Swisher this week for a vehicle traveling in excess of 100 mph, Hastings said. One also involved a motorcycle and the other involved a Toyota pickup allegedly going 117 mph on I-5 near the Highway 22 interchange.

    -- Dan de Carbonel

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    Yeah, those unmarked Camaros suck. We have these in Virginia. The state police paint theirs, but some local departments have completely unmarked camaros.

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    My first reaction is WOW! That bike is a "naked bike" like this
    or w/a small faring like this.

    Either way going that fast on that would be scarier that $hit. I had my Honda Hawk GT (looks very similar but only 650) up to 100 mph before my legs started lifting! It was a very un-nerving hugging the tank that low not being able to see that far down the road, (even though it was a flat stretch of empty road), and then your legs and a$$ start to rise of the seat! Not to mention that this guy was weaving through traffic. Imagine if a car just moved into his lane b/c he was coming too fast to notice he was going in that lane. :shock:

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    WOW, what a difference that fairing makes.

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    I see the completely unmarked Camaro's, mustang's and Monte Carlo's on the toll road constantly.

    The only telling sign is many of them I see have tinted windows in the rear to help camouflage the multiple black antenna's they position on the rear window. Most of them have civilian style plates.

    The other day I nearly passed a unmarked Camaro on I294 (was not running radar). I spotted him first and I pulled in right behind him and tailed him for nearly 5 miles till my exit.

    He seemed annoyed that I spotted him, kept slowing down below the speed limit to get me to pass him, this is typical ISP.



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