New effort to rid Cleveland of speed cameras

Created: 4/5/2006 6:21:23 PM
Updated:4/5/2006 7:22:43 PM

CLEVELAND -- There's a new effort to rid Cleveland of speed cameras.

A lawsuit filed Wednesday alleges the cameras are illegal since Columbus legislators have yet to give them the formal "green light".

An attorney from Youngstown filed the suit on behalf of several drivers ticketed by the automated system.

They hope to make this a class action suit so all drivers ticketed by the cameras can take part.

"They're not authorized and this is nothing more than big business coming in to a city that has financial problems," David Betras said. "It's not just Cleveland; they've done this all over the country."

The same attorneys have filed a similar suit trying to have speed cameras in Girard, Ohio, near Youngstown, taken down.