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    Default UK: Government fails to ban speed camera detectors

    13 Apr 2005
    Source: Press Release.

    The UK Government has failed to ban the devices that allow a motorist to know the location of mobile speed cameras and hand held police laser guns. The proposed new legislation failed because Parliament could not agree on the ban and the Government ran out of time to make a decision before the election.

    The supplier of one of the best selling speed camera spotters, the Quintezz XT7000 Plus, has announced they will now increase production to meet demand now the law has failed. Mark Cornwall of the UK supplier of the Quintezz said, “This is brilliant news - the Government’s failure means motorists will now have a legal defence against the greedy hidden mobile speed cameras and laser guns that are everywhere across the UK - this is great news for us and great news for our customers.”

    The company supplying the Quintezz offers a guarantee that if the user receives a speeding ticket while their unit is fitted, the driver is paid £60 cash-back. The unit, which costs, £199 is designed to spot both Gatso and mobile laser speed traps.
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    Good show!

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    The thing is no one in the parliament wanted to step on the foot of the motorist before elections. Most probably they will resume pushing the law once the elections are over.

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    Default ......ban

    thats probibly right if labour get in again!

    but i cant see that... he's ashed the country up!
    road tax disk £170 for 1.6 litre or over!

    petrol prices are 85.9!! pence per litre!

    its a mess! and then there the iraq war...... the wmd's!! risin terror suspects who were clean....... and they didnt find anything in their flat!!



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