UK-headquartered Tele-Traffic is launching two new products at Intertraffic, the Concept DVD and the TeleStat traffic data collection system.

The company is among the pioneers of laser speed measurement, and together with traffic data collection and advisory speed systems, it serves more than 97% of the UK police forces.

Intertraffic marks a new digital age of traffic safety solutions with the introduction of the company"s Concept DVD for traffic speed measurement, which has taken three years to develop. It is complementary to the analogue LASTEC and provides a fully digital recording system, which is hard disk transfer-able to broadcast standard DVD.
Concept DVD offers advantages. For example, the storage of wet film and video cassettes is unnecessary because digital systems burn straight to DVD and can be saved on hard drive. Recording onto VHS means large amounts of unwanted data whereas DVD allows users to go straight to the offence.

The TeleStat uses the LTI 20.20 series laser speed measuring technology and combines it with a laptop data collector, plus software powerful enough to run both the data collector and an office computer.

With the capacity to store hundreds of vehicle measurements, the data can be filtered and viewed in nearly all the standard traffic engineering formats.