Hidden cameras to go: Libs

Robert Doyle

VICTORIA’S hidden speed traps will be scrapped and there will be greater tolerance in the enforcement of speed limits under a future Liberal government, the party’s state leader says.

Opposition Leader Robert Doyle pledged to “end Victoria’s covert speed camera regime” by making speed camera vehicles identifiable and by publishing the location of speed camera sites.

He also said a future Liberal government would reintroduce the 10 per cent speed zone tolerance whereby drivers caught exceeding the speed limit by up to 10 per cent would not be booked.

Mr Doyle said it was unfair to fine people travelling a few kilometres over the speed limit, “particularly when the equipment cannot be measured that accurately”.

“While we want people to slow down, we don’t want to slug them unfairly,” Mr Doyle said.

“At the moment, the Bracks Government is just collecting revenue, it’s not about road safety.”

Mr Doyle said highly visible speed camera vehicles were a better deterrent than receiving a fine in the mail one month after speeding.

The Liberals’ plan also includes setting up speed cameras at dangerous, not high revenue, sites and rationalising “confusing” speed zones, he said.

Other measures include a plan to establish six driver education centres around the state, setting aside $4 million so learner drivers can receive three professional lessons and a requirement for learners to record 120 hours of driving practice in a log book.

The Liberals would also abolish the CBD and inner suburbs long-term parking tax, which began on January 1 at $400 and will double next year, reinstate the $80 car registration rebate for pensioners and encourage the use of public transport through free park-and-ride car parks at railway stations and bus interchanges.