ROBOT Visual Systems GmbH has picked up a prestigious red dot award for its new enforcement camera housing solution.

The red dot, which was instituted in 1955 by the Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen, has since spawned a whole series of national awards. It recognises products from around the world for their design excellence.

ROBOT"s new camera housing picked up the award in mid-March. Its high-tech appearance is intended to better reflect the advances made in the technology contained and to complement changes in other street furniture that have occurred in recent years, says the company"s managing director Joop Berendsen.

"Such design concepts are perhaps not so important in out-of-the-way places but in city centres it is important to have something that is more in line with modern architecture," says Berendsen.

"Additionally, vandalism is always an issue with enforcement cameras and the feeling is that with a nicer-looking housing module people will be less inclined to damage it."

The housings can be colour-matched, as is being done for the town of Emden in Germany. They have also recently been exhibited in Dubai and have generated considerable interest in the Gulf States, says Berendsen.

"We"re working on a tender in Dubai at the moment where the new housings will be offered as an option - the intention is to offer the new design solution alongside standard housings."
Joop Berendsen with ROBOT"s award-winning new enforcement camera housing