Elderly Woman Ticketed For Taking Too Long To Cross Street

LOS ANGELES---In the city where homeless people are being dumped on skid row after their release from hospitals and jails, the Los Angeles Police Department has ticketed an 82-year-old woman for taking too long to cross the street in San Fernando Valley.

Mayvis Coyle, who uses a walking stick for balance, received a $114 ticket while trying to cross a city street carrying her groceries.

She said that when the light had turned green, she had started across the intersection but was unable to get to the other side of the street before the light turned red. She said a motorcycle cop was waiting on the other side of the street for her, told her she was “obstructing the flow of traffic” and ticketed her.

Coyle lives at the Monte Vista Mobile Estates and other residents of the park say the signals aren’t long enough to allow them to cross the five lanes of traffic. Some of the senior citizens have even resorted to calling a cab to cross the street safely.

Even high school students reportedly cannot cross the street in the amount of time allotted, 20 seconds.

Police supervisors said they were cracking down on people who improperly cross the street because pedestrian accidents are on the increase.

Last month, a surveillance camera outside the Union Rescue Mission captured a taxi dumping a 63-year-old patient from Kaiser Permanente’s Bellflower Hospital in a downtown area known as skid row, dressed only in a hospital gown and slippers.

A mission spokesman said it was the third time in a week that their cameras had caught taxis dumping people off in the area. 4-11-06

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