Speed camera swing

Friday, April 14

AN IRATE motorist repeatedly whacked a speed camera with a golf club in an early-morning attack in Geelong West.

Leading Senior Constable Mark White of Geelong police said the man swung the club at the camera's external flash unit by the roadside as its operator sat mere metres away in his car about 7.20am yesterday.

``He (the speed camera contractor) has just been doing his job and the motorist has come from behind, walked up with a golf club and attacked the blue box that holds the flash,'' Sen-Constable White said.

``He's whacked it a couple of times and then thrown it onto the road, causing more damage to it.

``And then he's driven away.''

An early-morning walker who witnessed the incident said it was like a scene out of TV series Fawlty Towers, when unfortunate hotelier Basil Fawlty took a branch to his car after it broke down.

But Sen-Constable White said the camera operator was worried as the violent attack unfolded on the east side of Shannon Avenue, near Gertrude Street.

``We're assuming it's someone who obviously received a fine or is about to receive a fine,'' he said.

The policeman said the motorist left in an older-model red Ford sedan which was parked behind the speed-camera operator's vehicle.

``We are making inquiries into the owner of the vehicle and the driver of the vehicle,'' he said.

``We're appealing for any witnesses to contact Constable Clayton Schmidt at Geelong Police Station.''