Queensland State government has finally approved the installation of fixed speed pole cameras to be introduced in 2007.

These units are to be contracted to Redflex or Gatso.

The cameras will work on the loop based system in the road.

Signs are to be posted similar to the state of NSW to indicate you are entering a speed camera trap.

The cameras are to be installed from Brisbane along highway one (Bruce Highway) to Cairns in the north of the state.

Fixed speed cameras will also be installed inside tunnels and country back roads including a favourite motorcycle hideout... Mt Glorious scenic drive.

The M1 motorway Brisbane to the Gold Coast has the cameras installed already but they are yet to be activated.

This will proof to be a very interesting exercise as the RTA and QLD QPS RES Lab are already overloaded with calibrating of radar and lidar equipment.

Some drivers will loose their points at a rapid rate.

Big Brother at its best!

Needless to say watch the revenue which will be raked into the governments piggy bank.