Last Update: Saturday, April 15, 2006. 8:49am (AEST)
National speed camera standards sought

ACT Liberal Senator Gary Humphries has called for a uniform national speed camera policy.

He says a driver caught travelling 1.1 kilometres above the speed limit would not be penalised in the ACT but would in Western Australia.

Senator Humphries says the perception speed cameras are used for revenue raising is perpetuated by different speed camera tolerance levels from state to state.

He says federal, state and territory governments need to work together to standardise speed camera margins.

"Let's get some consistency - this is one of those railway gauge-type issues that simply irritates without achieving anything," he said.

"We can fix it and I think this is a good opportunity to do so."

Senator Humphries says he has written to the federal Transport Minister.

"Australians move now frequently from state to state, a great many people travel and they travel by car very often," he said.

"It's frankly silly to have different rules applying in different states."