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    Default State court says extra charge on top of fines is illegal

    (Charleston-AP) April 23, 2006 - People caught speeding and committing other municipal offenses in Charleston and Mount Pleasant have paid more than $2 million over the years in criminal user fees.

    The fees have been collected even though the South Carolina chief justice and the state attorney general have said they're questionable.

    Both cities add an extra $10 to fines when people are convicted in municipal court. Charleston has been collecting the fees for 12 years. Mount Pleasant has for five.

    Earlier this year, South Carolina Chief Justice Jean Toal told the state's municipal court administrators to stop collecting criminal user fees.

    The two municipalities say no one has complained about the fees. But, few people even know they are paying it. The fees are often included in the fine charged on the ticket.

    Posted 7:34pm by Graeme Moore
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    Maybe that's what happened in my case. The ticket was for $125 ($100+court costs), but I was fined $150 ($125+court costs?). It was like I was being punished for having the gall to plead innocent. How DARE I?!?



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