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    Default A Simple Question about Plate Covers (Lasershield)

    If it's against the law to have a plate cover regardless of whether it's clear, tinted, or meant to suppress laser readings in a given state...

    ...and if someone has the Lasershield on their car and is hit with a laser gun and the LEO doesn't get a reading as normally expected, wouldn't that alert him to stop the car and find out why he couldn't get a reading like he can with most of the cars targeted...possibly resulting in a citation?

    Seems to me using Lasershield would put you in harm's way. How do people deal with this conundrum?


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    Veil would also fall under scrutiny as well. Headlights have to be DOT approved to be legal. If you put a coating over your headlights (esp. veil which darkens them) you are modifying your headlights. Sometimes lidar will not get a reading on a plate so they are instructed to hit the lights next. If you get a build up of road grime and bugs your plate will not reflect well. I have laser shield and have not been questioned about it at all.

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    this totally depends on the state where you live whether they have a law or not against plate covers



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