DES MOINES - July 29, 2006: Des Moines, IA based GPS POI US, announces the immediate availability of the industry's first geocoded GPS database containing nationwide locations for red light traffic cameras.

Everyday, travelers across the United States find more cities deploying automated red light traffic cameras at major intersections. These photo-enforced intersections use closed-circuit video and other advanced technology to automate the detection of drivers running red lights. Drivers caught by the detection system are subject to civil penalties in most jurisdictions.

GPS technology can now help drivers become more aware of the locations of photo-enforced intersections across the Country. Recently released GPS devices from several manufacturers including Garmin, Magellan, TomTom and others, have a new feature that allows their customers to install custom points-of-interest files, also known as proximity alerts, to supplement the built-in database that comes with the GPS.

GPS POI US founder Jeff Carpenter says, "The inclusion of proximity alert technology in GPS hardware provided us a unique opportunity to develop a database of photo-enforced intersections, so that drivers can be automatically alerted as they approach one of these intersections no matter where they are in the United States."

After the database file is installed in the GPS device, drivers are provided with an audible and visual warning as they approach the intersection, allowing them to travel through the intersection conscious of the camera's existence.

Carpenter says that the database covers over 75 metropolitan areas and contains over 2000 camera locations. Sample data and a full coverage list is available at GPS POI US provides direct-to-consumer sales of the full database as an annual subscription service, providing a year of free updates.

Licensing of the data to commercial suppliers is available.

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