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    Default LIDAR counter measure idea

    I am not knowledgeable on the technical aspects of LIDAR but I had a thought for a counter measure and thought I would ask here to see how viable it is or not. My idea is for states where no front license plate is required.

    Picture a clear license plate cover or Plexiglas with chrome style reflective tint applied to the back side. This would then be mounted in front of a black carpet, felt or other matte surface slightly behind the tinted cover. The whole assembly would be mounted in the normal front license plate area and be similar size to a standard license plate. It would also be mounted at a slight angle downward ( the top further forward of the bottom ) It may be easier to picture a shadow box with the glass tinted on the inside with chrome tint facing inward.

    My thought is that when LIDAR is used in this area the beam would go through the clear Plexiglas or cover and strike the matte black carpet which is least reflective. What amount of the LIDAR may be reflected would then be reflected toward the Chrome side of the tint and then be re-reflected back toward the carpet area.

    This may a completely stupid idea with no relevance to LIDAR as my thinking is based on visible laser but I hope it won’t hurt to ask.

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    Welcome Q ,

    My idea is for states where no front license plate is required.
    With no front plate , you are already winner .

    Leo in this case will shoot first the headlights . Then Veiling your hl is an excellent countermeasure.

    Any idea is worth asking :wink:

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    here is a better and much easier idea, cover all of the frontal facing surfaces in carpet!! the whole friggin thing!!

    leo's use headlights as their primary target for plateless vehicles.

    And, many other parts of a car are fully capable of reflectiing this beam, such as any trim or any other surface near a 90 degree angle of the beam.

    They could get a speed reading off an antenna ball if they tired hard enough.

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    or maybe dump a bunch of veil cans on the front bumper, hood, and headlights 8)

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    Black velvet is least reflective, that's why they use them for movie theater curtains, home theater screen borders, etc.

    Making a black velvet car bra is probably the best bet + Veil on mandatory features like headlights, etc. However, velvet requires lots of maintenance and doesn't handle natural elements like rain, snow, extended exposure to sunlight, bug smear, etc. So it's not too practical.

    Still, a car bra is better than nothing. Plus Veil of course.

    Regarding your idea, you probably don't need the reflective tint on the plexiglass (it may reflect some of IR back to the lidar gun) - the black velvet protected by the plexiglass is good enough if you put one of those plastic plate frames on it.



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