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    Default Red Light, Photo Radar in ONTARIO

    I have to go to TORONTO soon and was just wondering is those automatic system take picture of the FRONT or REAR plate.. because here in quebec we dont have FRONT Plate

    also.. anyone travel from MONTREAL to TORONTO and could tell me if there are doing LASER/SPECTRE trap, will I see photo radar on my way or anything that I should be aware of in ontario.. Thanks

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    Oui tu vas voir beaucoup des Spectres! Aussi la trajet Montreal-Ottawa sur la 40/417.

    Mais, si tu utilise ton detecteur intelligentment, c'est pas un problème. Aussi un "p'tit oiseau" m'a dit que un detecteur invisible a la Spectre va a la marche cet Juillet...

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    wais c bien beau linvisibiliter mais sera t'ils efficace :?:

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    8) english



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