Welcome to the Cheetah section.
This area will be for the discussions of Cheetah products.
I am happy to announce that the wireless install kits for Blinder and Lidatek are being shipped and will be available shortly.
They will be available for sale at Radarbusters.com

I would also like to welcome members’ allyoops and speedcheetah, who are responsible for these products and will be moderators of this section.

Here is a brief overview of the products and what is available:

Wireless install kits for Blinder and Lidatek – these allow the user to install the jammer remotely in the engine compartment, and to receive visual and audible alerts wirelessly inside your vehicle. This removes the hassle of drilling holes in the firewall, running cables inside and finding a switched power source.
The kit includes the following items:
Weatherproof box, POWERSENSEnode, LASERnode w/ applicable jammer connector cable, and AUDIOnode.
Available now.

ActiveStealth software – this will allow you to receive visual and audible alerts of red light and speed cameras, along with the option to integrate jammers and detectors for an all-in-one display of alerts on your windows based PDA.
Available within 2 months or so.

GPS mirror – this will give you red light and speed camera alerts through a rearview mirror interface. Optionally radar laser, and jammer alerts can also be received through this.
Available around Q1 2007

Vizalert – this is a waterproof unit that attaches to any type of motorcycle helmet.
It will display alerts for radar, laser and jammers.
Available around Q1 2007

Additional details can be found here: http://www.speedcheetah.com/scshop/index.php