DALLAS - The free pass is about to end. Monday, the City of Dallas starts issuing real tickets to people cameras catch running red lights.

"SafeLight, Dallas Stops on Red!" is the name of Dallas' red-light cameras program. Since it began December 8, 2006, more than 1,300 warnings have been issued.

The grace period ends January 15. That's when violators will start receiving real citations with real fines attached.

A first and second violation will cost $75.00.

The fine jumps to $150.00 for a third violation in a 12-month period.

Ten intersections are monitored, right now, including:

Abrams Road & Forest Lane

Camp Wisdom Road & Westmoreland Road

Fitzhugh Avenue & Gaston Avenue

Commerce Street & Central Expressway

Miller Road & Plano Road

Tyler Street &.Jefferson Boulevard

Lemmon Avenue & Mockingbird Lane

Marsh Lane & Frankford Road

Beckley Avenue & Colorado Boulevard

Ferguson Road & Gus Thomason Road

Fifty more intersections will be added by May 1.