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    Default Arizona speed limits needed - information required

    Please send me a PM if you can provide missing speed limits on arizona speed cameras below - these cameras will still alert - they will simply not announce speed. Please do not send us a message stating there is more cameras, we know this, however they are not speed cameras they are only red light cameras.

    Now that Arizona has concluded speed cameras are here to stay we would like the public to submit speed limits for the following cameras - this way the unit will not only alert to a red light camera it will alert to the speed cameras differntly - in known cases where the red light camera is also or only a speed camera it will alert the speed limit at that camera.
    We will also set headings for these cameras so they will only alert in direction of travel that causes violation.

    Locations requiring exact speed limit and direction of travel:

    NEW Mesa speed camera locations:
    Drive and Southern Avenue 45mph (starts Thursday Feb 1 2007 )
    Country Club / Southern 40mph
    Dobson / Southern 40mph
    Mesa Dr / Southern 40mph
    Gilbert / Southern 45mph
    and Power / Southern 45mph

    Northbound Scottsdale Road at Thomas Road Speed/red light
    Northbound Scottsdale Road at Cactus Road Speed/red light
    Southbound Hayden Road at Indian School Road Speed/red light
    Southbound Pima Road at Pinnacle Peak Road Speed/red light
    Northbound Hayden Road at McCormick Pkwy Speed/red light
    Northbound Scottsdale Road at FLW Blvd Speed/red light
    Southbound Scottsdale Road at Shea Blvd Speed/red light
    Eastbound Shea Blvd at 90TH St Speed/red light
    Eastbound & westbound Frank Lloyd Wright Blvd at 77th ST Speed only, mid-block

    Loop 101 Cameras speed limits and directions located at:

    Are all loop 101 locations 65mph ? and if you can confirm which direction they are we can add heading

    Once set Arizona Navalert owners will see the true power and accuracy of your Navalert Unit.

    Not only will your unit warn of a camera ahead, it will alert you to "reduce speed "if traveling over speed limit. (user selects 5 or 10 over speed limit)


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    Default Shea/90th and Loop 101 locations confirmed

    Although, with red light cameras, I would think the camera takes pictures irrespective of the speed, here is the speed limit at Shea and 90th Street EB:
    45 mph (confirmed)

    There are only 6 locations for cameras on the Loop 101 at present (until the Governor gets her desires for more locations to become liabilities for the state ) and the speed limit is 65 mph (confirmed) for each.

    I will try and get the Shea and Scottsdale Rd. limit next time.




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