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    Default ORDERED!

    I would like to propose that this be made a sticky for those members that order their Navalert systems to share their on-line experiences.

    I would like to be the first person to say that I ordered mine today (2/3/2007) and I can't wait to see just how this baby performs. I like to find out personally how each device performs and be the one to say whether it meets expectations or not.

    All the reviews have been positive and I am educating myself on how to use it before it gets here! That way I just set it up and roll.

    Also, I would like to give a big THANK YOU to RacerX for giving me such informational, fast, friendly, and professional service. He answered all of my nagging questions till he turned blue in the face . When I placed my order I received a confirmation and tracking number in less than 3 hours! He made sure all of my information was correct before shipping to avoid any possible delays.

    And the biggest thing he did was ensure I had a pleasant and smooth experience through the whole process of ordering. Now that folks is something that you don't see everyday. Too many people are out just to make a buck these days, not RacerX. He makes sure you are taken care of from start and even after you have received the product to ensure all is running as it should.

    He goes above and beyond what is "normal" or "average" to make sure his customers are well taken care of. Thanks so much for everything RacerX. I look forward to making many future purchases through you. After all I would be a fool to go anywhere else.


    Ace_Racer ( A very happy Ace_Racer)

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    Donny is a phenomenal guys but has one serious flaw and that is he is dillusional I have purchased many things from him and my experiences have been flawless
    RIP Duncan my BELOVED black lab son 8/7/99-3/23/11. I will miss you DEARLY.


    You want to know what it is like doing something for the love and passion and not for the mighty dollar then look up GOL!

    buyradardetectors rocks!

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    Well so far it has been nothing but smooth sailing for me too!


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    Default All automobiles should be fitted with a Navalert

    I have been using my Navalert for the last week and, since I live in the Loop 101 cameraland, all I can say is the Navalert should be standard in all cars.

    After receiving a citation from a photo radar road wart in 1995, my radar detector has proven to be worth many times what I paid for it as I have not seen another citation since. That is until last year when the "radar-less" camera on the EB Loop 101 took my picture. :shock:

    Now, with the Navalert, I expect to spend at least the next 11+ years without citations from these lifeless creatures at the side of the road. :wink:




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