Hi All,

I recently purchased my Navalert from RacerX and I have to say I am very impressed with the unit. When I first received the unit I set the time right off the bat. A little confusing at first, but then I figured it out (-120 = PST).

Then I went testing and much to my surprise the 1 camera in my less than 40,000 population town was detected. I really thought no way is it going to have my town in its database, but I was proven wrong. I will be making a video of this in time to show this in action.

As far as user positions I find this is a HUGE advantage and useful feature. I programmed all the spots that other cameras are mounted ( not speed or red light). And one thing is that it is per DIRECTION. So 1 for north say and one for south must be made. Other than that is is fantastic.

Overall, I find that despite there being only 1 camera I truly have to worry about the other features it offers such as the speed display (DIGITAL) is really helpful and helps cure my need to make the needle go up seeing 45 versus a needle pointing at a unmarked line (with numbers) is much more effective to ME and getting me to not speed.

Updating Navalert is super EASY I simply installed the CD on my PC and then downloaded the update from the Navalert site and BOOM instant update. For those worried YES it does work on Windows Vista

Major kudos to Navalert and RacerX for providing 11 star plus service and support. I received responses to technical and billing e-mails within an hour of writing. I feel very confident with both of them in that they aren't out for your $ and then you never hear from them again like some businesses today ( NOT RADAR ROY).

I look forward to making my video to show everyone the outstanding performance of Navalert. Seeing it work in my small town is a major bonus.

Keep up the fantastic work guys !