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    Hate to break to you, but Maryland is next on the list for speed cams :twisted:

    Montgomery County - The technology company that currently manages speed cameras in the District will soon do the same for its Maryland neighbor, Montgomery County. The Montgomery County Police Department has just signed a contract with ACS State and Local Solutions Inc. to provide a comprehensive speed enforcement program for the county that will be the first of its kind in the state.

    Locations for the cameras are still being decided upon as are the number of cameras. But what’s known is that the added enforcement will be concentrated in county wide residential areas and school zones with a speed limit of 35 mph or less. The municipalities of Rockville, Gaithersburg and Chevy Chase are simultaneously working on programs for their territories. Police Chief Thomas Manger said in a written statement that the new equipment really puts a premium on safety.

    “Automated speed enforcement will help our county enforce the traffic laws and combat and correct the aggressive driving behavior of those who choose to speed,” he added. “Our goal is to save lives and speed cameras will give us another resource that will complement our existing enforcement measures.”

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    News Release
    Jennifer Strohm, Acting Public Information Manager, 240-314-8116

    Rockville Prepares to Launch Speed Radar Cameras As Part of State Program
    City Expects First Camera To Be Operating By Mid-March

    ROCKVILLE, Md., February 22, 2007— The City of Rockville today announced that it has signed a contract that will enable the City to begin purchasing equipment for its new speed camera program.

    The City of Rockville, along with Montgomery County and other jurisdictions throughout the county, will be the first in Maryland to utilize speed radar cameras. It is expected that the first camera in Rockville’s program will be in place by mid-March.

    The Maryland General Assembly in 2006 approved a trial program for speed cameras to be used in Montgomery County. Rockville’s Mayor and Council have expressed their gratitude to Maryland State District 17 Senator Jennie Forehand and Delegates Kumar Barve and Luiz Simmons for their efforts in passing the legislation.

    Pedestrian safety is a high priority for the City of Rockville. The City believes cameras have the potential to be effective in reducing the number of speeders on local roads.

    Speeding is a significant public safety problem both in Montgomery County and around the state. In 2005, 214 people were killed in speeding-related crashes in Maryland, with at least 16 of those deaths occurring in Montgomery County.

    A recent poll conducted in Montgomery County by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety found that 74 percent of respondents believe that speeding is a problem on residential streets and 59 percent favored the use of speed cameras.

    The first speed camera to be used in Rockville will be a mobile unit that is rotated among the pre-identified locations. Three additional fixed location cameras will be added later. Signs will alert drivers to Rockville’s photo enforcement upon entering the City and on roads where the speed cameras will be used.

    To determine the specific locations for speed cameras in Rockville, the City compiled data to identify the top 50 residential speeding areas in the City. Then, the City worked with a citizens advisory committee to determine the criteria for how roads within the City of Rockville would be prioritized for speed camera use. Those criteria included the road’s proximity to schools, parks and crosswalks, whether there is a presence of a sidewalk and the number of citizen concerns expressed about speeding in a particular area.

    Once the program begins, there will be a 30-day period in which only warnings are issued.

    After the trial period, citations will be issued to owners of vehicles that are photographed going at least 11 miles per hour over the posted speed limit. Fines for violations will be $40, but no points will be assigned to a driving record for convictions. Citations can be contested in Maryland District Court.

    “It has been a goal of the Mayor and Council to try innovative ways to protect pedestrians in our City,” said Rockville Mayor Larry Giammo. “We have worked for several years to get the state’s approval to try speed cameras. We are confident that in a short time after we start using them, these cameras will show how they are making a difference in slowing speeders in Rockville.”

    The following is a list of locations identified for speed camera use in the City of Rockville:

    Baltimore Road east of the Rockville Metro Station (300-500 blocks)
    Baltimore Road near Rockville High School (2100 block)
    College Parkway near College Gardens Park (400-500 block)
    College Parkway near College Gardens Elementary School (800-900 blocks)
    First Street near Maryvale Elementary School (900-1000 blocks)
    Gaither Road north of King Farm Boulevard (1000 block)
    Great Falls Road near Julius West Middle School (400-500 blocks)
    Mt. Vernon Place near Richard Montgomery High School (400-500 blocks)
    Nelson Street west of Mannakee Street (100-200 block)
    Nelson Street north of West Montgomery Avenue (500 block)
    Redland Boulevard in King Farm (300-500 blocks)
    Rollins Avenue near Montrose and Montrose Woods Parks (600 block)
    Twinbrook Parkway near Meadow Hall Elementary School (700 block)
    Twinbrook Parkway near Carl Sandburg Learning Center (500-600 blocks)
    West Montgomery Avenue east of I-270 (400-600 blocks)
    For more information about Rockville’s speed camera program, including a map indicating the potential camera locations, visit



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