New Features:

Possible Mobile zones
When entering an area where law enforcement often set up speed traps or photo radar unit will alert "possible mobile" while in this area your unit will display a "p" along with your speed. This is a good indication you really need to watch your speed because law enforcement are nearby. Very Useful in city's with mobile photo radar and or high speed trap locations. Now how cool is that!

Zone Bypass
When traveling past a zone you are able to turn off that type of zone for the duration of the unit being powered up.


Unit alerts "school Zone" hitting the menu button will cause Navalert to display "off" now all school zones are turned off until the unit is powered down . This is useful when traveling in a area with high school locations, rather then turning off all POI in safe mode (by switching to cam mode) you will only turn off school zones. Cities such has Los Angeles have highly dense areas of schools zones where the Navalert can constantly alert school zone, so rather then turning off safe mode and all the other Poi's that are alerted in safe mode you can simply bypass school zones.

Remember all school zones only alert 8-5 Monday to Friday.

Another example of a zone you may want to by pass are "possible mobile" some locations are highly flooded with "possible mobile " (speed trap locations) some users may want to by pass these zones for that power up. Again simply tap menu button within 5 seconds of hearing "possible mobile" and that zone type will be bypassed. Another time when bypassing possible mobile his handy is if your city for example uses photo radar during only set hours, example in my home city Winnipeg photo radar will only operate 7 - 10 pm thus after 10pm if I were to hear a possible mobile alert I may choose to mute all further alerts by simply hitting menu button, however this will also mute and possible speed traps that are not governed by time.

Warning, if you by pass a Red light or speed camera location, you will bypass all camera locations - if you do this in error simply cycle power on NavAlert. At no time is it advised to bypass any camera alerts. :twisted: