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    Default Alberta Speed Cameras Calgary - Edmonton you might be next

    There could soon be 100 speed cameras in Alberta
    (we have already mapped these 100 red light cameras)

    "Big Brother could soon be keeping a closer eye on lead-footed Calgary motorists.

    The provincial government announced Friday it plans to pass legislation this spring that will let Alberta's major cities implement photo radar at intersections where red-light cameras are now in use, in an effort to crack down on speeders racing through green lights. Jason Fekete, Calgary Herald


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    I didn`t realise Navalert covered Canada. This is good news

    Just finished reading a pageload of threads regarding Navalert. I apologise for my ignorance.

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    Default Navalert Coverage

    Yes, NavAlert database covers NORTH AMERICA, we have customers as far North as Alaska and south as Mexico using the NavAlert.

    The Navalert will work on any part of the planet however the only other databases we have - cover Austrailia and South Africa at this time. Eastern Europe in development.




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