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    Default Casio Remote Control Wrist Watch w/ Learning

    I recently got one of these for my birthday. There are 42 different manufacture codes that allow you to control TV or VCRs with an infared transmitter on the watch. There's also a learning feature that allows the watch to receive and STORE an infared signal into a preprogramed button. I was wondering if you could put the thing in 'learning' mode and then have a MIRT transmit an infared signal to the receiver on the watch and then store it as a button on the watch and then use the watch to get green lights? any thoughts on this? would be pretty cool, or maybe use a laser to activate an infared led jammer and then store that and jam laser from your watch. I know I know, the transmitter from the watch probably wouldn't be powerful enough to do any of this while you were driving, just wondering if it would be effective at close range, (even if you had to be on a latter climbing up the traffic poll and aiming the transmitter at the opticom receiver)

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    Default watch

    That would be cool.

    Or if you could use it to detect a new ENRADD unit here in PA... that would be one watch I would buy!

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    Can it set off a jammer? haha

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    Default seriously

    Seriously speedingvolvo, would that work in a wrist watch?

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    Default Re: seriously

    Quote Originally Posted by proudNMAmember
    Seriously speedingvolvo, would that work in a wrist watch?



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