[quote="sulentic"]I just received my Navalert yesterday and yes, I like it. I do have several questions though that I hope I can get answered. My navalert did NOT alert me to several "traffic/intersection cams" that were obvious to see, but it DID alert me to a known red light camera at Buford & Motors Ind. I sent a note to the navalert folks, and in their response, they indicated that not all intersection cams are red light cameras and that passive intersection cams are not in the database. At least for me, this will take some getting used to for several reasons. Certainly it seems obvious that any time a camera is mounted at an intersection, the capability is there to enforce red lights (unless it's a fake/decoy, but how do you know that it hasn't been upgraded overnight?). In my effort to learn more, I tried http://auto.howstuffworks.com/red-light-camera.htm which only discusses the mechanics of how red light cams work.

Those traffic cameras Can not be simply upgraded to red light cameras, as well when they do add Red light cameras they release information on government websites or the media or both.

Navalert montitors every media release article in North America thus we know when and where the cameras are coming before they are even in the ground.