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    Default Full stop at red before turning or you get a ticket.

    Some people do not realize that you must completely stop at a red light camera gaurded intersection, many of these cameras will watch the amount of time if any you stop for.

    Here is a new one we will add to our database on next update:
    as you can see its in the NavAlert database before its even in the gound, before the 30 day warning period!

    Also note we notify of these "advanced" warning locations on the update page.

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    yeah, I learned this the 351$ way.
    The lights just turned red and the traffic on the otherside didnt have green yet, so i decide to do a slow turn without a complete stop.

    Sad thing was I knew there were red light camera ( close to where i live ), but didnt know the cameras were "smart".

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    Yep, no one seems to know this. There is one they just put up here that gets everyone. There is a short dead end street that everyone turns right onto and then makes a left in the gas station at the corner instead of waiting for the green light and making the right into the gas station. Well one night I was on the phone and watched for about 40 minutes as everytime the light turned red, someone would roll the right turn and pull into the gas station. I asked a few of the people if they knew they had just gotten a $100 ticket, and not one knew



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